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The brightest LED 3D Ready mini Pocket projector in 700 Lumens 1080P support

Pocket projector in 700 lumens

Which Pocket projector do you think is the best brightest? The Vivitek Qumi Q5 in 500 lumens? The Aaxa KP-600-01 P300 in 300 lumens? But can you find out a 700 lumens mini pocket projector? Yes. The CX3 pocket projector can reach 700 lumens with its 3 Osram LED light built in.

Let’s get some feature of the CX3 mini pocket projector as bellow.


Brightness: 700 lumens

Light Source And Lamp hours: 3 LED lighting 30,000 hours lamp life.

Image Size / Quality: 17-300 inch

Native Resolution: 1024 x 800

Dimensions / Weight: 159L 120W 39H (mm) 1.1 pounds

Audio:2x2W speaker

I/O Connectors: Micro SR Slot, USB, 3.5mm Audio-out, 2-HDMI input, VGA

Support 1081P. 3d Ready.


3 LED Light Pocket projector
3 LED Light Pocket projector

3 LED Pocket Projector

The CX3 Mini pocket projector is built in 3 LED light as its light source. There are Red LED light, Blue LED light and Green LED light. That’s why the CX3 provide brighter image than other mini pocket projectors.

blue ray support, 3 D ready


The CX3 LED pocket projector support blue-ray 3D video, Up & Down format 3D video, Left & Right 3D video.


Pocket projector up side
Pocket projector up side


There are touch buttons in the CS3 mini pocket projector. You can control the projector much easier without any remote control.

Above is a unbox video and Lighting Room test for the CX3 LED pocket projector.

The video testing by CX3 mini projector is projection on a white wall. We did not use any screen to test it. We are really amazing that this small pocket projector provide bright image and high resolution image when we plan the XBOX 360 or watching movie.

It also support 3D projection as it has built in a 3D decoder which allow you change the 2D video into 3D. You can use a remote control, change your 2D movies in to 3D movie. One step one second 3D set up much easier than other 3D projectors.

As its small size, it is more convenience for business, home theater set up. You can even project a movie in the top of floor when you are in bed. For business presentation purpose, we can bring the small LED projector outside to have better presentation for your business partner. Its 700 lumens brightness can meet your requirement even on day time and do not need to close the windows. If you are looking for setting up a DLNA share with your laptops or smart Mobile phone, a DLNA HDMI is helpful for your presentation.

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