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Optoma HD66 white dots fix DMD Chip
Optoma HD66 projector white dots

Optoma HD66 white dots fix DMD Chip

This post is updated on May 12th 2019.

Optoma HD66 white dots displaying on the screen?

In today’s post, we are sharing you how to find the correct DMD chip to fix it.


Optoma HD66 Projector White Dots On The Screen


Optoma HD66 projector is an HD projector which comes with 1280×720 native resolution which is an old Optoma projector.

I think there are lots of owner of the Optoma HD66 projector have the same problem.

That is white dots on the screen of this model.

As Optoma HD66 is a DLP projector which comes with a TI technology DMD chip, the chip itself will be aging after a few years of usage.

When there are some white dots or black spots on your HD66 projection screen, the number will grow fast within weeks.

Wondering How to Fix The Optoma HD66 White Spots?


I found there are some people asking if any repair center is able to repair this error or if they can repair the DMD chip.

Here, I don’t think it is a smart choice to ask the local repairing service. Or take the projector to the repairing center to ask for a solution.

First, the replacement chip sold on the repairing center probably charges you more than two hundred bucks.

Secondly, the repairing fee is estimated at $150.00


Do you think it is worth to spend an estimated 400 bucks to get an old 720P projector back to work?


However, it is still two solutions to fix your Optoma HD66 DLP projector.

To replace a new projector or replace a new projector DMD chip.

There will be no more other option.

You do not need to search on google if anyone who can repair your original DMD Chip or any compatible product such as compatible projector lamp to replace your original.

I can 100% sure here in the world, there is no one can repair it unless TI technology and there is no one who can copy the TI technology to make you a copy.


Update The Projector Recommendation

If you are offered more than $500 to repair your original DMD chip from projector repair center, I don’t suggest you repair it.

It’s time for you to throw the projector to the garbage.

Because there are some newly updated projectors which work better for your original Optoma HD66.

Here are the selections provide brighter image and higher resolution for your reference:



ViewSonic 1080p Projector BenQ MH530FHD Projector InFocus IN119HDXA Projector
ViewSonic PX700HD BenQ MH530FHD InFocus IN119HDXA
1920x1080p Resolution 1920x1080p Resolution 1920x1080p Resolution
3,500 Lumens 3,300 Lumens 3,600 Lumens
5,000 hours  / 15,000 hours (eco) 4,500 hours  / 10,000 hours (eco) 5,000 hours  / 15,000 hours (eco)
Check Price US Amazon  Check Price US Amazon Check Price US Amazon
Check Price UK Amazon Check Price UK Amazon
Also Good Great The Best


We are reviewing these three DLP projectors which provide 1920 plus 1080 native resolution.

And the most important part that all of them are under 500 bucks full HD projectors.

The best choice for you to update the Optoma HD66 projector which only provides 720P resolution.

Markedly, we vote the InFocus unite as the best because of its brightness, contrast ratio and longer lamp life.

You will have up to 140 – inch image when you are celling this projector from 12 feets range.


Replace The Optoma HD66 Projector DMD Chip

However, if you have a little repairing skill, replace a new DMD chip will fix the white dots on the Optoma HD66.

Want to know which chip is the DMD chip for the HD66?

The 1272B DMD Chip is right for you that cost you only 150 bucks when we updated this post on May 13th, 2019.

That is an update version chip vs your original unite.

And it may provide a longer life comparing to your original one.

In addition, don’t buy a used chip.

Unless you want to update your projector soon.

Because you don’t know how long can used chip last.

The stuck pixels may display again when it is out of warranty.

Must be remembered, a new replacement chip will let your projector work for another few years.

As I mentioned above, it is not a good idea to ask the repair center to help you to replace the chip.

It may cost you 100-200 USD repairing fee and another two hundred bucks for the new DMD chip fee.

Additionally, you can refer to the complete projector white dots fix guide to get some tips on replacing the chip.


Tutorial Of Replacing The HD66 DMD Chip

If you don’t know how to replace the chip, you can follow the video tutorial which is created by JAIME GONALEZ


Wrapping Up

I hope this post gives you some help on fixing the Optoma H66 stuck pixels errors.

Let me know when you have any further question on projectors.


PS: Please share the post to your friends if you love this.

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  1. Do you have any information regarding a DMD Chip model/part number for the Optoma TW536? (Or is one DMD Chip used in numerous Optoma projectors?)

    I was quoted over $300 for the DMD Chip from Optoma – that seems high based on the cost of other DMD chips being around $200 or less.

    I was given part number 48.8EJ01G005 for the TW536 but searches are not returning anything on it. Any help would be appreciated

    1. Hi,

      Over $300 is too expensive for the chip. You can use this chip to for TW536 projector.

  2. How about the bmb chip (48.8ej01g005) for a optoma pro350w? I can’t find it ? the manufacturer doesn’t even have it anymore…

  3. Hello,
    Same question here for part # OP.48.87M01G002 given by Optoma Service for DMD chip for projector Optoma EP 727

  4. How about a chip for a tx765w

  5. I think it is very misleading to quote a lamp life of 10,000 hours (for example) which means it would last me about 100 years. There’s no point in that if the chip wears out after about 7 years of use, which mine has done, costing me just over GBP300 for a new projector. I only use the projectors for giving talks (about 12 talks a year on average – say 15 hours a year), and yet the chip has worn out after just over 100 hours of use. they should make chips that are more robust than that.

    My next projector will be an Epson.

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