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NEC NP210 NP215 white dots on screen fix

White dots on scree for NP210 NP215 projectors

Recently, most of our customers who using DLP projector NP210, NP215, NP216, NP115, NP110 have white dots on screen. Before understanding the reason that cause the error, they tried to replace a new projector lamp. Even they tried compatible replacement projector lamp or Original OEM projector lamps, the main error can not be fix.

Actually, the white dots mostly caused by a aging projector DMD chip (Digital Mirror Device). They were trying to find the problem by searching in the internet or check for their projector manual. Unfortunately, NEC will not tell you the secret. Because if you ask them to help you repair the projector, they will charge you hundreds of dollars.  If your projector is still under warranty, you are lucky to ask the supplier to offer you a free DMD Chip which can save you hundred dollars.

However, if you find out the projector white dots is caused by aging projector DMD chip,  you still do not know which dmd chip fix your projector. After searching from the google or checking from your projector manual, you still did not know the correct dmd part unless you take off your projector cover and check for your used DMD chip. But we found lost of our customer do not hope to do this before having a new replacement chip.

Where can we buy a new DMD chip for NP210 NP215 projectors?

You may find some market who are selling NP215 projector DMD chip. We list them bellow. You may compare them and buy a new one to replace your used chip. So that the white dots error can be fixed.

1. GlobalProjectors      NP215 DMD Chip  $199

2. IProjectorLamps     NP215 DMD Chip   $199

3. Amazon                       DMD Chip                  $199


If you are located in US, you can buy from one of the above listing dealer. But if you are out of US, Amazon can not ship outside of US. Maybe you can use a third party shipper to buy from Amazon. But if so, you may have the chip in 1-2 months. The GlobalProjectors and IProjectorLamps dealer who offer worldwide shipping free DHL delivery. I highly recommend to buy from these seller. Because you may got the new chip in a couple days.


How do you replace the new chip to fix the white dots errors?

It is easy to replace the new chip if you know a little tech skill on electronics. The most important to do this is you need to find out where your dmd chip located.


NEC NP210 NP215 white dots on



After taking out the projector cover, you may find a cooling plate around the projector lens. The projector DMD chip is always protect by the cooling plate. The only thing you need to do is follow the cooling plate, and take it down carefully. I suggest you open your phone cam when you take the chip out in case forgetting how to install it back or missing one of the parts.




white dot fix for DLP projectors


If your projector is not NEC NP215 OR NP210, please check the projector DMD Chip list.

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  1. HI
    I have a NEC NP215 projector. Just replaced the lamp as old one hit its 100% use.
    Installed new lamp but now the Status light flashes for nearly 1 second on and 3 seconds off. Is this the fan thats a problem?

    1. Hi, You can check on your projector manual of the troubleshooting.

  2. Hi sir I have NEC np215 projector .it all three led glows continuesly when I power on (lamp,status,power) pls guide me sir

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