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Replace the Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip (DLP)

Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip replacing

Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip is one of the most important part for your Mitsubishi WD-57833 57  inch rear projection TV. After years of operation, you 57 inch Mitsubishi WD-57833 TV model may appear white dot on your screen. If you are facing this error, it is time for your to change your aging Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip. If you do not know which Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip is for your tv, you will not be able to fix the white dot by yourself. In this case, you have to call Mitsubishi service which may cost your more than $200. If you can find out where to shop the cheapest Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip, you may save tens or hundreds of US dollar.

If you do not uninstall your Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip from your 57 inch Mitsubishi TV, you will not confirm which DMD Chip fit for it. And you will not able to find out where to shop for the new replacement Chip even you search from google for a couple of days. Actually, you are lucky to find out our post here to show you which DMD chip is for your Mitsubishi 57 inch WD-57833 rear projection TV. Here are some on line shopping vendor you may check out your new replacement Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip:

1. Amzon Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip supplier should be one of the best for your on line shopping option if you are located in US. You will get the new chip within a couple of days.

2. GlobalPorjectors.com is also one of the Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip on line vendor who is offering worldwide shipping. If you are located in Europe, you may check with them.

3. The last one of other Chinese supplier from Aliexpress store that we are not too much recommend as you may got a used Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip not new. But if you are looking for the cheapest one, you may just compare it.

Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip
Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip

Be sure, you are getting the new Mitsubishi WD-57833 DMD Chip as the image above. There are several DMD Chip part number in the market. If you got the wrong one, the white dot issue of your TV will not be fixed.

When you receive the new DMD chip for Mitsubishi WD-57833, you can replace it yourself by following the video bellow:

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