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How to fix Acer X1160 DLP projector white dots error?

Recently, we found too many Acer X1160 projector users has the same problem of white dots error on screen. And today, I am trying to type in a post to make some tips to help them to fix the error.

First of all, we need to know the Acer X1160 is a DLP projector. The most important part for DLP projection is the DMD Chip. For different model of projectors, they are using different dmd chip part number. For example, some are 8060*600 resolution projectors, and we can not use a 1076*768 resolution chip as a replacement. And some are using 0.55 inch chip, if you get the big size of 0.65 inch chip, that will useless. So, before we sourcing a new replacement chip for Acer X1160 projector, we need to confirm that our original chip size, and native resolution.

Most of time, we suggest user to take out the Acer X1160 original dmd chip and confirm the correct part number that printed on the chip. It is the best way to confirm the correct chip. Because the manufacturer of projectors and TI company will never told the projector user which DMD chip is using in your projector. As our projector repairing partner experience, we can tell the correct chip that works for Acer X1160 DMD Chip. You can buy it at amazonĀ [easyazon_link identifier=”B00E1CZK3K” locale=”US” tag=”perfectbuys-20″]DLP Projector DMD Chip for Acer X1160[/easyazon_link] to replace your old chip. There are several sellers for this chip. Some sells at $179 and some sells at $199. You can check the amazon review before making purchasing as this model is old model. There maybe some used chip in the market.

How to replace the new Acer X1160 DMD Chip when you have a new one?

Too replace the new dmd chip for your Acer X1160 is very simple. If you know how to using the screw driver and can remember some step, it is easy for men. Now let us follow these steps to fix your Acer X1160 white dots error.

Step 1: Using a screw driver to take out your Acer X1160 projector shell. The screw is on the bottom of projector.

Step 2: Unplug the connectors when you take out the shell.

Step 3: Use the screw driver to take out the main board.

Step 4: Take out the DMD Chip board behind the projector lens.

Step5: Take out the dmd chip cooling plate. And now you will find the Acer X1160 original DMD Chip.

Here we post a video to show the steps. The original is posted by youtube dennis6578. He take the video over an hour. Now we short cut the video to save times. Thanks dennis6578.

Still not get your Acer X1160 new DMD Chip on hand? Please take one at amazonĀ [easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B00E1CZK3K” key=”small-light” locale=”US” tag=”perfectbuys-20″]

Before replacing the new dmd chip, I suggest you compare it to your original DMD chip. And check the part number printed there.

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