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Sony LMP-H202 Projector Lamp for VPL-HW30ES VPL-HW30AES VPL-HW50ES VPL-VW95ES

Sony LMP-H202 Projector Lamp for VPL-HW30ES VPL-HW30AES VPL-HW50ES VPL-VW95ES

Sony LMP-H202 projector lamp review

LMP-H202 projector lamp
Sony LMP-H202 projector lamp


The Sony LMP-H202 projector lamp comes with a Philips UHP200 wattage bulbs which can support the Home Cinema projector such as VPL-HW30ES, VPL-HW30AES, VPL-HW50ES and VPL-VW95ES. The Philips UHP200 bulbs mostly are delivering 2,000-3,000 hours. If you are buying a original Sony brand LMP-H202, there should be coming with a new air filter for you to replace your used one. Whenever you replace a new lamp, do not forget to reset the lamp hours by your remote control. As there are some Genuine OEM copy has come out from the aftermarket, we mostly suggest customers to buy from a trusted amzon for the Sony brand LMP-H202.

Which projector does Sony LMP-H202 compatible

The Sony brand LMP-H202 is compatible home theater ES projector model VPL-HW30ES, VPL-HW30AES, VPL-HW50ES or VPL-VW95ES. As the Sony VPL-HW30AES has published in Dec. 2012. The ES Home theater are made by SXRD technology by Sony. The most advantages of SXRD are ultrahigh resolution and high contrast. The ES series are coming with electrodynamic lens cover which is better for dust against.

As some users comment that the ES series is coming with a big size of 407*179*463mm, it is not easy to move the projector. And the ES Home Theater projectors are designed from 1,300-1,700 lumen, the image is not so good when you open a light or see a film in the day time.

As the replacement lamp for Sony ES series projectors are not too expensive, they are nice Home Theater equipment. If we having the projectors works every day, we recommend users to replace a new Philips UHP200W OEM bulb which may save your budget on enjoying the 3D full HD movies.

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