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Projector DMD Chip replacing tutorial

Replacing a projector DMD chip is a common action. It is just like replacing a projector lamp on DLP projector user.

When you are stuck of dead pixels or white spots coming up on your screen, the only method to repair symptoms is to exchange your aging chip.

But you may be wondering how to take things apart and find the DLP chip inside the projector.

Here, we are sharing you a video and tips that allow you to follow along with the processes.

Projector DMD Chip replacing tool needed

But before taking out the projector DMD Chip from our white dots error projector, we need to get two or three screwdrivers.

Because there are the different size of screws inside your projectors.

Therefore, we suggest having a screwdriver set which can meet your different projectors and screws.

And the repair Opening pry tools would be easier for you to take out the cable plugin between the mainboard and projector DMD Chipset.

Furthermore, your patient is important in the projector tearing down process.


Projector DMD Chip replacement buying from the worldwide vendor

OK. You know replacing a DLP chip will fix DLP projector or DLP TV white dots problem, but do you know which part number right fit for your model?


The truth is there are tens of part numbers chip.

Such as:

1076-6039B, 1076-6339W, 1280-6339B, 8060-6338B, 1910-6137E…

There are still more and more part numbers with a different version.


To replace the chip to fix white dots error, we first have to buy a new replacement DLP chip.

You can choose the projector brand and find your model from this projector DMD chips distributor.

The vendor always offers free shipping method even if you are trying to order one only. 



As there are thousands of DLP projector models, they have not collected all the model or part number. If you know your part number for your projector, please leave us a comment.

Projector DMD Chip uninstall follow the video

To uninstall your used projector DMD Chip is never easier.

But we should attend to take a record to show how to fix it back.

My suggestion is to have a cam to record your process of tearing down the projector.

Because different DLP projectors have different design.

You projector fan’s location, cables, and mainboard screws location may differ from mine

Taking a video will help you put the parts back when you finishing repacing the chip.

But the one thing I am sure that there is the same. That it’s the chip are always sitting on the light engine which is behind of the lens. 


Bellow is my BenQ PB720 projector replacing DMD tutorial.

After taking out the cover of your projector, the first thing we should do is to find where is your DLP part is located.

And taking out one by one to take the DMD Chip out.

In order to save time, and forgetting any parts, we do not suggest to take all the cable plugin out of the projector.

That would be saving times on replacing steps.

A DLP TVs white dots fix by DLP Chip replacing tutorial online recently.


  1. Clean up the dust inside of the projector.
  2. Keep the screws in separated and labeled cups. So that you can quickly put all the parts back to your projector.  

If you found any problem on the Projector DMD Chip installing, feel free to leave us to comment.

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  1. I am interested this.can you please help to improve my knowledge.now i can repair all kind of DLP & LCD multimedia projectors module & components repairs.

  2. Thanks! Your information helped me replace the DMD chip on my NEC NP110.

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