Epson VS220 projector SVGA 2700 lumens color brightness, 2700 lumens white brightness, HDMI, 3LCD Projector

Epson VS220 Projector

Thanks for EPSON projector company again to offer a high quality, high brightness and affordable price EPSON VS220 projector. Today, let us have a review  for the EPSON VS220 Projector.

EPSON VS220 Specification

Projection System: Epson 3LCD, 3-chip technology

Projection Method: Front / rear / ceiling mount

Driving Method: Poly-silicon TFT Active Matrix

Pixel Number: 480,000 dots (800 x 600) x 3

Color Brightness (Color Light Output): 2700 lumens1

White Brightness (White Light Output): 2700 lumens1

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Native Resolution: 800 x 600 (SVGA)

Resize: 640 x 480 (VGA), 1024 x 768 (XGA), 1152 x 864 (SXGA), 1280 x 800 (WXGA), 1280 x 960 (SXGA2), 1280 x 1024 (SXGA3), 1440 x 900 (WXGA+), 1400 x 1050 (SXGA+)

Lamp Type: E-TORL(tm) 200 W UHE

Lamp Life:

ECO Mode: Up to 5000 hours2
Normal Mode: Up to 4000 hours2


1076-6318W 1076-6318W DMD Chip For DLP Projectors

1076-6318W 1076-6318W  DMD Chip review

1076-6318W 1076-6318W DMD Chip are used for Toshiba, Sharp, Acer, Optoma, Vewsonic, BenQ, Dell, Viviteck, Mitsubishi and NEC DLP projectors. Even the part number for these two DMD chip looks not the same, but actually the 1076-6318W and 1076-6319W DMD Chip works the same for each other. The TI company may also provide 1076-6328W, 1076-6329W DMD chip that also compatible for the 1076-6318W 1076-6318W  DMD Chip. Therefore, when we buy a replacement DLP Chip for 1076-6318W 1076-6318W, you may got the 1076-6328W or 1076-6329W.

Where to buy the 1076-6318W 1076-6318W DMD Chip

There are some retailers from the net selling these 1076-6318W 1076-6318W DMD Chip. You may choose one of them to find the best one to have your replacement part. Check for the following list:

IProjectorlamps store  is one of the retailer who supply US shipping. If you are located in US, you may choose the store.

GlobalProjectors is another supplier who offer worldwide shipping from HongKong. If you are located in Europe who want to buy a new 1076-6318W or 1076-6319W DMD Chip to fix your DLP projector white dots issue, you may check for the

Other China DMD Chip supplier. These China supplier may offer a used Chip as new as its low price to beat the market.

Cheapest 3d Printer in the world – Made in China

3d printer come3d

Where can we buy the cheapest 3d printer

3D printer sells very high cost in the world. Most of time, it cost us more than $1,200.00 at amazon store. Yes. It is really expensive. But if there any place we can get at lower than $800.00? The answer is yes. As all of us know, the cheapest product may produced from China. The cheapest 3D printer would be also made in China as well. We recently find a 3d printer retailer store offer it only at $799.99 by free DHL shipping.  Compare to FlashForge 3D printer, it save us $400.00. But some of us may ask if the made in China 3d printer works or not? Now, let us check for some features of the cheapest 3d printer made in China.

Features of the cheapest 3D printer in China

Technical parameters
Positioning accuracy: 0.1mm
Print precision: 0.1-0.3mm
Layer thickness: 0.3mm
Speed: 15cm3 / hour
Build Size: 120 × 120 × 120mm
Material Type: ABS filaments
Material colors: white, green, red, blue, yellow, black, transparent
Material Specifications: 1.7-1.8mm in diameter
Nozzle Quantity: 1
Nozzle aperture: 0.4mm
Recommended nozzle temperature: 230 °C
(the maximum can be set to 260 °C)
Heating plate temperature: 100-120 ℃
(proper winter warming and summer appropriate cooling)
Best ambient temperature: ≥ 25 ℃
Power requirements: 220V300W, ATX
The file print format: STL, GCODE
Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac OX
CE, CSA specifications: CE, CSA
Device weight: 8kg
Equipment size: 300 × 300 × 400mm
Package size: 400 × 400 × 500mm

And let’s post some image to compare the cheapest 3D printer as come3d to the Makerbot 3D printer as following:

cheapest 3D printer head
cheapest 3D printer head

One the left, it is come3d’s cheapest 3d printer made in China. Compare to the middle one of Makebot. We can find that the come3d brand is using a great material to enhance the 3D printer working time.

Quality material for the 3D printer
Quality material for the 3D printer

From the quality of the 3D printer screws, the left one of come3D brand is made with high quality steel.

stainless steel screw for 3D printer
stainless steel screw for 3D printer


After comparing the material between the cheapest 3d printer name of come3d and the most famous 3D printer manufacturer of makebot, it seems the cheapest one win for this comparison. And let’s also check for some sample printed products from the cheapest 3d printer of come3d. Here we go:


3dprinter article3dprinter snow3dprinter print head



OK. For more information, have a check from the cheapest 3d printer retailer page.

The Best Canon DSLR shooting camera 60D vs 550D vs 7D

Which Canon DSLR shooting is the best for you

Are you looking for the best Canon DSLR shooting instrument? Recently, people are looking for a DSLR for shooting for their daily life or business promotion. Meanwhile, we are also searching for the best Canon DSLR shooting machine to promote our projector lamps and projector business. At the end of investigation, we decided to choose Canon 60D, 550D(T2i) or 7D DSLR.

As we are taking video in low light environment to make tutorial, we have to choose the best Canon DSLR to reduce the noise in our shooting. And now, let us have a look for the feature for these Canon 60D 550D and 7D DSLR

Canon 60D

  • 18 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Vari-angle 3.0-inch (1040k dots) LCD
  • Full HD 1080p movies
  • ISO Sensitivity from 100 to 6400 (Extendable to 12800)
  • 5.3fps shooting for up to 58 JPEGs
  • 9-point cross type AF System
  • iFCL metering with 63-zone Dual-layer Sensor

Canon 550D

  • 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 4
  • ISO 100-6400, H:12800
  • 3.7fps shooting
  • Full HD movies
  • 7.7cm (3.0¡±) 3:2 Clear View LCD with 1,040k dots
  • iFCL metering
  • Quick Control screen
  • Ext. Mic socket
  • Movie crop

Canon 7D

  • 18 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor
  • ISO sensitivity up to 12800
  • 19-point cross-type AF sensor
  • Continuous Burst Speed up to 8fps
  • 3-inch Clear View II (920k dots) LCD
  • EOS Movie mode for HD movie recording
  • Dual-Axis Electronic Leve


Check on the Video comparison for Canon DSLR shooting for 60D, 550D and 7D


After the comparison for the Canon DSLR shooting at low light, we choose the 60D as our working DSLR at the end. It really give us a great image at low light. There is little noise appear when ISO is lower than 1600. The 60D is half cost compare to the 7D. Which one do you think is the best Canon DSLR shooting camera?

OK, I will list the price for these Canon DSLR shooting camera for you to compare them. Choose the best one as your budget: (click the blue link to check for the final price)

Canon 60D    $660.99 (Body only)    $978.99 (With 18-135mm lens)

Canon 550D  $624.00 (Body only)    $867.00 (With 18-135mm lens)

Canon 7D       $1248.99 ( Body only)  $1449.99 (With 28-135mm lens)

In order to take a great video to enhance our visitors’ experience, we also have to have some accessories to help us take great video. And we are here to recommend some affordable price accessories to help us take better shooting:

If you want to take vedio as Wista vedio guys, a Ring Light is required for Canon DSLR shooting.

And I am using a Carl Zeiss old lens to take shooting, so a M42 adapter is needed. Sometime we can not see the image from day time from the LCD, and we also to have a LCD viewfiner. A lens extension maybe is also needed for you. But not fit for us. A LED video light may give you some help on DSLR shooting at night.

OK. That is today’s post. If you have any idea for Canon DSLR shooing tips, don’t forget to share with a command. Thanks in advance.


Mitsubishi WD-57733 DMD Chip (DLP CHIP)

Mitsubishi WD-57733 DMD Chip part number

Mitsubishi WD-57733 projection TV is a DLP TV. As the aging of DLP chip, it may happen white dots in your TVs. But as we do searching in the google, or Yahoo by the TV model, it is hard to find any feedback that whick DMD Chip or DLP chip works for Mitsubishi WD-57733 projection DLP TVs. Here we now is going to share you the information about the WD-57733 projection DLP chip part number is 1910-6143W, or 4719-001997.

So where to buy the Mitsubishi WD-57733 DMD Chip board

If it hard to find the correct DMD chip for your WD-57733 if you only know your projection TV number, but not the DMD chip. And we are here to post some market to buy the Mitsubishi WD-57733 DMD chip to fix your DLP projection TV white dot problems.

The first one, we suggest to buy the chip from Amazon DMD chip seller if you are located in US. Because you are well protected by Amazon.

The second market should be who offer worldwide shipping.

The third one is from other China seller.

To replace a Mitsubishi WD-57733 DMD chip is easy with a few step. Just following our another post to replacing the DMD part.

Stick-n-find bluetooth locator

Amazing Bluetooth locator

Did you lose your key or your Wallet,or even your child? Yes. We did. But we won’t again. It is because we are sharing you a bluetooth locator  name Stick-n-find. And you can use your Iphone to search the locator and get your keys, wallet or even your child back. Look at the image to find how it works.

bluetooth locator
bluetooth locator


From your Iphone screen to find out the distance of the locator. We have to find out there your keys is through your phone.

locator for Iphone
locator for Iphone

If you like travelling, why not put on on your cage and do let your cage lost anywhere?

Locator with your cage
Locator with your cage


locator on your pet
locator on your pet


To find more information for the bluetooth locator, read more.