Optoma HD66 white dots fix

Optoma HD66 projector is a HD projector which comes with 1280×720 native resolution which is an old Optoma projector. I think there are lots of owner of the Optoma HD66 projector have the same problem. That is white dots on screen of this model.

As Optoma HD66 is a DLP projector which comes with a TI technology DMD chip, the chip itself will be aging after a few years of usage. When there are some white dots or black spots on your HD66 projection screen, it may come up more and more in a few weeks. I found there are some people asking if any repair center is able to repair this error or if they can repair the DMD chip. Here, I don’t thin it is a smart choice to ask the repair center or take the projector to the repair center to ask for a solution. They may cost you a few hundred dollars for repairing the white dots error. Or some repair center ever offer more than 900 Euro to fix their projector. It is really expensive to replace a new projector.

However, it is still two solution to fix your Optoma HD66 DLP projector. Too replace a new projector or replace a new projector DMD chip. There will be no more another option. You do not need to search on google if any one who can repair your original DMD Chip or any compatible product such as compatible projector lamp to replace your original. I can 100% sure here in the world, there is no one can repair it unless TI technology and there is no one who can copy the TI technology to make you a copy.

  1. If you are offered more than $500 to repair your original DMD chip from projector repair center, I don’t suggest you repair it. It time for you to through the projector to the garbage. Because there are new replacement projector which is better for your original Optoma HD66. Here are some new projector is about $500.

The above projector is Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector is a 1080P projector with 3000 lumens brightnewss. Which sells only $549.  This projector is much better than the Optoma HD66. Higher native resolution, and more brightness. Will you still want to spent thousands of dollars to repair your Optoma HD66 projector?


2. If you still want to less to repair your Optoma HD66? It would be OK. Just replace a new DMD chip is fine. The  Optoma HD66 dmd Chip is $190 only. Don’t buy an used chip. Or you will have the same white dots within 1 year. A new replacement chip will let your projector work for another few years.

As I mention above, it is not a good idea to ask the repair center to help you to replace the chip, it may cost you 100-200 USD repairing fee and another $190 new DMD chip fee. If you don’t know how to replace the chip, you can follow the follow video tutorial which is created by JAIME GONALEZ

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  1. Do you have any information regarding a DMD Chip model/part number for the Optoma TW536? (Or is one DMD Chip used in numerous Optoma projectors?)

    I was quoted over $300 for the DMD Chip from Optoma – that seems high based on the cost of other DMD chips being around $200 or less.

    I was given part number 48.8EJ01G005 for the TW536 but searches are not returning anything on it. Any help would be appreciated

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