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WD-57734 DLP CHIP For Mitsubishi WD-57734
DMD Chip for Projection TV WD-57734

WD-57734 DLP CHIP For Mitsubishi WD-57734

Mitsubishi WD-57734 DLP (DMD,Digital Mirror Device) Chip

WD-57734 DLP CHIP was born when Mitsubishi company published the DLP rear Projection TV in 2007. At that time, it is a very popular TV set as they can provide full HD 1080P display with 16:9 widescreen ratio. The model of WD-57734 is one of the great TV sets which is 57 inch screen size with 4 HDMI input and reach 1920 * 1080 native resolution. As the WD-57734 comes with 6 color wheel, and it provide great full HD image. The is the why the rear projection TV are so popular in 2005-2010.
However, as this Mitsubishi WD-57734 tv set is a DLP rear projection tv, it required to replace a DLP chip (DMD Chip, Digital Mirror Device) and TV lamps after 6 thousand hours or 10 thousand hours of projection. Because after a few years of projecting, the DLP chip become aging, the screen appear white dots or black dots, or some red lines happen on the screen. As lots of users of the Mitsubishi TV set do not know how to replace a new TV lamp or a DLP chip, they may ask the manufacturer to take care of the repairing or installing, they main cost us 300 US dollar spend on the DLP chip and 500 US dollar for the reparing guys or installing fee. That sounds a great bit amount to cost to repair a old TV set which has out of production. In the other hand, as the TV looks great and works good, and do not want to spent thousands of  dollar to change a new LED TV as the same size. Actually, the brand new original DLP chip most of time do not cost more than 200 US dollar for the projection TV WD-57734. And it is very easy to replace the chip if you can take out the back cover and find the position for the DLP chip.
It is easy to check for the DLP chip and buy it from the market if you know the DMD chip number. The Mitsubishi WD-57734 rear Projection TV are using a 1910-6143W DMD chip which are manufactured by TI company.

So where can we shop for the correct Mitsubishi WD-57734 DLP chip from the market?

For a international outside of US buyer, the projector lamps and projector parts vendor of GlobalProjectors.com who is offering the Mitsubishi WD-57734 DLP chip. They offer free express 3-7 business days delivery by DHL on order is over $150.00. No matter you are located in US, Australia, United Kingdom, Germeny or Frence, they offer the same terms for all order over $150.00.
For a US buyer, you main want to get a lower price who may save on shipping fee. So the seller of the Mitsubishi WD-57734 DLP chip is sold on $169 only. You can Click Here to shop the DLP chip from US.
If you would like to know how to replace the Mitsubishi WD-57734 DLP chip by your own, you main read our previous of  Where to buy the DMD chip 1910-6143W.

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