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White dots problem fix for DLP TVs white dots problem fix

Do you feel upset when you are watch your DLP TV and it come with black and white dots happen in your 50 inch screen? Yes. It is very difficult to see a clear image on the tv if you are facing the same case as the follow image.

white dots on DLP tvs
White dots for DLP

The black and white dots on DLP TVs will be increased if you do not fix it once it starts with one or two. After weeks of months, you will found the white dots full of the screen as the above image. So, as soon as you found one or two white dots on your Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Samsung DLP TVs, we have better to buy a new spare DMD chip (DLP Chip).

Once you replace a new DLP chip for your DLP TV, the white dot problem will be fixed correctly. The DMD chip for most Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Samsung DLP TVs are know as 4719-001997 or 1910-6043W / 1910-6143W. All of these part number is the same DMD chip works for Mistubishi, Toshiba and Samsung TVs.

1910-6143w DMD CHIP
A new DMD chip to fix DLP tvs white dots problem.

How can we replace the new DMD chip by ourselves without asking a reparing man to save hundred dollars? We have shared a video to in our last post of  when the Mitsubishi TV DMD Chip DLP Chip have to exchange.

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  1. I need to how to get rid of white dots in my 60 inch tv? What part do I need.

  2. I want to know how u change a D LP chip on a samsung TV I’m an I g on doing it my self can u send me a video of it

    1. I think you can search it on Youtube.

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