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1076-6318W 1076-6318W DMD Chip For DLP Projectors

1076-6318W 1076-6318W  DMD Chip review

1076-6318W 1076-6318W DMD Chip are used for Toshiba, Sharp, Acer, Optoma, Vewsonic, BenQ, Dell, Viviteck, Mitsubishi and NEC DLP projectors. Even the part number for these two DMD chip looks not the same, but actually the 1076-6318W and 1076-6319W DMD Chip works the same for each other. The TI company may also provide 1076-6328W, 1076-6329W DMD chip that also compatible for the 1076-6318W 1076-6318W  DMD Chip. Therefore, when we buy a replacement DLP Chip for 1076-6318W 1076-6318W, you may got the 1076-6328W or 1076-6329W.

Where to buy the 1076-6318W 1076-6318W DMD Chip

There are some retailers from the net selling these 1076-6318W 1076-6318W DMD Chip. You may choose one of them to find the best one to have your replacement part. Check for the following list:

IProjectorlamps store  is one of the retailer who supply US shipping. If you are located in US, you may choose the store.

GlobalProjectors is another supplier who offer worldwide shipping from HongKong. If you are located in Europe who want to buy a new 1076-6318W or 1076-6319W DMD Chip to fix your DLP projector white dots issue, you may check for the globalprojectors.com.

Other China DMD Chip supplier. These China supplier may offer a used Chip as new as its low price to beat the market.

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  1. HELLO AM LOOKING FOR A 1076-6318w dmd dell projector chip seller
    would you offer me the same in uganda at kampala
    qoute + shipping

    1. Hello,

      GlobalProjectors.com and Globalprojectors.co.uk offer at $279 free shipping. You can check.

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